The City of Casablanca highlights SME Development in MENA Region and will host Second Smart City Expo


The Regional SME Development Conference organized by the CLDP or the Commercial Law Development Program was held in Casablanca convening partakers from different countries in the MENA region to deliberate the preeminent procedures for endorsing growth for small and medium enterprises.

The participants in the conference came from the private sector, such as incubators and accelerator courses, and also from government agencies aspiring to stimulate free enterprise. The organizing committee is a division of the Department of Commerce in the United States mandated to achieve the US foreign policy goals in growing and post-conflict states out of economic and legal improvements and provide its exclusive government-to-government practical support to aid in promoting the commercial network.

The CLDP has devised a comprehensive platform, with subjects that integrate the finest procedures in forming innovation systems, enabling fruitful and well-organized business registration processes, discussing the advantages of fostering technology handover at local universities as a setup to help upcoming SMEs and derivatives and introducing operational government support plans to small industries. According to Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, Casablanca is the heart of commercial operations in Morocco, and it is an indispensable opportunity to receive participants from different countries of the MENA region and introduce the various investment opportunities. The SMEs have a great contribution to the economic development of Morocco. The conference will help the self-starters to come up with the best approach in establishing their businesses.

The different nations from the Middle East and North Africa who attended the conference will share their best methods and practices in upholding SME development. Furthermore, the advancement of technology allocation by authorities from the US will concentrate on meetings with local academies to implement a lawful and commercial agenda in agreement with the current intellectual property regulations and business enlisting techniques. The participants who graced the event are primarily the experts representing the Small Business Administration (SBA) who will impart their skills and involvements on active government assistant courses in the United States, as well as one-stop-shop and financial inducement plans. On the other hand, representatives from Maroc PME will inform the participants about the current condition of the Moroccan SMEs on behalf of Morocco’s Small Business Promotion Agency.

Besides, in partnership with the Office of Technology Licensing (OTL) in Stanford University, CLDP will introduce the participants to the commercialization of technology and unit establishment through university hubs. It must be noted that the Commercial Law Development Program was recognized in 1992 and has been crucial in developing the authorized groundworks for over fifty countries to upkeep both local and global companies through several agendas. CLDP poses as a professional assistance promoter to aid the developing countries in formulating improvements and streamline the rules and principles necessary for economic growth.

In the other note, Casablanca City is also in preparation to host the Second Smart City Expo on May 17 to 18 Hayat Regency in Casablanca. The event will be attended by leading urban development specialists in the world.

The convention serves as the platform for communication and discussion for the international authorities regarding the development of smart cities along with the different channels to tackle the public concerns in Africa. It is intended to produce social and cultural relations, in the hope of making the city of Casablanca center for technological advancement and inventiveness. The convention is organized by the Casablanca Events and Animation and will highlight some subjects about sustainable energy and global warming, modernization and technology, and forthcoming mobility channels.

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