What is required to setup a software company in Abu Dhabi?

Abu Dhabi Grand Masjid

Free zone

Free zone are those zone where a company doesn’t need to have a local investor. But there are certain restrictions for the free zones. The companies should acquire a limited amount of area. The owner of the company should have all the licensed clear from the mother country and they he can apply for the free zone country. There are many companies opened in the free zone, but all those companies have their industrial license as well. Those companies which are in the free zone would require at least 25 million AED investment if they are an industrial based company in the Dubai. That is why local investors are more preferred.

Local investor for Company Setup in Abu Dhabi

The local investor is needed for the company no matter where in Abu Dhabi. A local investor is a requirement that needs to be full filled as this a country law. Only free zone doesn’t require local investors. .The person should be local, and he should have almost the fifty percent stake in the company. Then only then the company is set up in Abu Dhabi. This is due to the country law. There is no way around this. The local person can be easily found on the market that would invest in the company.

Dubai resident software engineers

IF the company is setting up in Abu Dhabi, then the company needs to hire the software engineers who are Abu Dhabi-based. There are different kinds of ways to hire a company and advertise the jobs. Different people can find about the need for software engineers in Abu Dhabi when they will see the advertisement. The pay always matters when hiring new software engineers. The software engineers need to be well versed in their work, and then the company should pay a good amount of money to these software engineers. The company developers pay can later increase in the future.

Company facility

The company should have a land where they can establish their facility. The facilities are necessary for Abu Dhabi since it provides companies to have a front end to deal with clients. Facility of a company is also called the face of the company. The face means where they can interact with different amount of clients out there. Companies do need to work hard and increase their client base since Abu Dhabi has a lot of tourist visiting. Creating good franchise in Abu Dhabi can be good for the business for the software company. A good franchise also attracts a lot of different international clients. Since Abu Dhabi is the hub of the international zone.


The license is required in the country when a company is started. The company gender doesn’t matter. The license is required to identify who is the owner of the company. Who has more investment? The license in some countries also has good command. Having the license in those countries means that companies can expand and there are authentic. But in some countries without license companies are not allowed to setup. They first need the license to set up, and then their authenticity will be tested later. Sometimes multiple licenses are required based on the sense of the work company is doing.

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